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The Dos and Don’ts of a Software Engineer Resume to get you shortlisted for interviews more

Improve your resume to get noticed and shortlisted by the recruiters more

A. The looks:

Resume should be compact — Image by Author
Make use of PDF hyperlinks — Image by Author

B. The content

Worked on the problem of neural network-based facial recognition using TensorFlow resulting in a classification accuracy of 98%.

<what is it?> Led a project on neural-network-based facial recognition using TensorFlow that yielded an accuracy of 98%. <what’s different?> An end-to-end stand-alone system was developed that can work off of existing CCTV camera system using plug-and-play technology. <Accomplishments> The system was successfully implemented in the XYZ university in their graduate classes. <impact to company finances> The reliability and accuracy of the system yielded the company a long-term implementation and services contract for it to be implemented in their three other campuses across the country.




Senior ML Engineer @NVIDIA | ex-Samsung | GeorgiaTech | Writer | Researcher | Traveler | |

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