Regression analysis explained with examples, illustrations, animations and cheat sheets.


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Various still and animated visualizations made from the digits of Pi

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Why regularization?

  1. When the model is complex enough that it starts modeling the noise in the training data.
  2. When the training data is relatively small and is an insufficient representation of the underlying distribution that it is sampled from, the model fails to learn a generalizable mapping.

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  1. The document looks nice — Apart from all the other advantages of LaTeX, in my opinion, the final document generated by LaTeX looks really nice, properly organized, and better formatted as compared to other document-processing tools.
  2. No weird accidental formatting problems — In MS Word, you change the placement…

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Convert face dataset to masked dataset

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What is MaskTheFace?

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AnalyzeTheChat Online Demo:

Python code for maintaining the Github clones and views statistics for more than 14 days.

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