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From the recruiter's email to the onsite interview, a detailed timeline of the interview process

In this article, I will go through my experience interviewing for the Uber Data Scientist role for their San Francisco office. I will begin with my education/research profile and then move on to the interview process and my experience. Throughout the article, I will try to replace original questions with similar questions where needed keeping the gist and nature of the question intact to give the readers a clear understanding of the types of questions asked.

My Background

Before I go into the details, I would like to walk through my profile. I am a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering…

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Illustrated guide to different levels of autonomy for a self-driving car.

Autonomous vehicles have seen a significant improvement over the last decade. Since Tesla’s AutoPilot in 2015, there has been impactful research in the area from big companies like Ford, General Motors, Audi, etc. to successful startups such as Aurora, Agro AI, Pony AI, etc. With these advancements, a systematic way of defining the autonomy of a vehicle needs to be defined. In 2016, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) released documentation, SAEJ3016, defining six different levels of automation for self-driving cars. …

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A step-by-step guide to help you answer a coding question.

Coding interviews are an essential part of various software-related positions, such as software engineer, machine learning engineer, data scientist, etc. Most companies use coding for their technical screening. This means that if you are not able to code well, they will not be moving forward with your interview process. Earlier this year, when I was applying for various ML engineer positions, nearly 85% of my initial technical screening interviews consisted of coding rounds.

Using coding as a part of your daily work does not guarantee that you will perform well in these coding interviews. I learned it the hard way…

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Important data structures visualized with animations

Coding interviews are an important part of various software engineering, machine learning, and data science jobs. Most of the candidates are good at using programming for their daily-life research problems. But when it comes to a coding interview one needs to brush up on the basics of different data structures since most of the problems revolve around selecting the right data structure for the given problem.

This article will go through seven essential data structures important for a coding interview, their time complexities, and commonly asked coding questions.

1. Array/List

List contains a sequence of values in an ordered fashion which is…

Regression analysis explained with examples, illustrations, animations and cheat sheets.


In order to understand the motivation behind regression, let's consider the following simple example. The scatter plot below shows the number of college graduates in the US from the year 2001 to 2012.

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A behavioral interview is an important part of the job process. In this article, we will go through what to expect in a behavioral interview and how to prepare for it. In the end, we provide a cheat sheet on preparing and tackling behavioral interviews.

A behavioral interview assesses the candidate’s ability to interact, survive and grow in an organization. Most of the companies are looking for prospective candidates that can not only be good at technical expertise but also be a good match to the company culture, operate well within a team, manage a team, and are able to…

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Various still and animated visualizations made from the digits of Pi

Note 1: The graphics are rendered in high resolution to be viewed clearly. Please give some time for the graphics to load.

Note 2: The high resolution pdf version of these graphics can be downloaded from

Note 3: More visualizations will be added to this article over time.

Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and is one of the most important numbers in our universe. It’s a non-terminating, non-repeating decimal which means that no group of digits repeat endlessly. Using Google cloud, Emma Haraku set the record of most digits of pi calculated to…

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A beginner's guide to regularization in machine learning.

In this article, we will go through what regularization is, why do we need it, and what are different types of commonly used regularization in machine learning models.

Why regularization?

Regularization is often used as a solution to the overfitting problem in Machine Learning. Common causes for overfitting are

  1. When the model is complex enough that it starts modeling the noise in the training data.
  2. When the training data is relatively small and is an insufficient representation of the underlying distribution that it is sampled from, the model fails to learn a generalizable mapping.

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A visual walkthrough of the ensemble methods in machine learning with a cheatsheet


Let's say you moved to a new place and want to dine out. How do you find a good place?

Solution 1: Find a food critic who is really good at his/her work and see if he/she has any recommendations for the restaurants in your area

Solution 2: Use Google and randomly look at one user's review for a couple of restaurants.

Solution 3: Use Google and look at multiple users' reviews for a couple of restaurants and average their ratings.

Let us analyze each of the…

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LaTeX is the defacto standard in the engineering and science communities when it comes to writing a thesis, report, or research paper, etc. LaTeX provides various features that make it a better candidate as compared to other document-processing tools such as MS Word or LibreOffice. Some of its key features are

  1. The document looks nice — Apart from all the other advantages of LaTeX, in my opinion, the final document generated by LaTeX looks really nice, properly organized, and better formatted as compared to other document-processing tools.
  2. No weird accidental formatting problems — In MS Word, you change the placement…

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